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Catwalk Design for CHANEL

For my final project as a Graphic Communications student at Loughborough University I have chosen to design a catwalk for Chanel. Looking at current shows and advertising campaign I believe that my design fits their brand values but also challenges the standard catwalk designs.

You can see more here.

A Night Underwater

'A Night Underwater' is a Loughborough based band recently performed at the DOT TO DOT Festival in Nottingham. This was their first gig and already caught the eye of a few reviewers : here and here and here.

You can listen to what they do best here.

Hate de voir ces vitrines en vrai.


It was Paris Design Week last September 12th to 18th and Baccarat had their doors open for the event. I didn’t know what to expect before entering the place and found it beautifully enchanting. 

Baccarat was set out as a house full of crystalised lights made of glass. Philippe Starck’s lamps were mesmerising. He is probably my favorite furniture designer and is also recognised for his famous Louis Ghost chairs.

Everything felt so special and luxurious that visitors slowly walked around in silence, giving the impression of being in a sacred church. Even the toilets were breath taking.

The red atmospheric lights complemented the crystals extremely well contributing to the feel of wealth and warmth.

I could get used to this.

A few days ago I made it a day to go out and look at some luxury goods’ boutiques in Paris. This confirmed my strong interest for the luxury industry.

I first visited the Nespresso Shop on the Champs Elysees. Impressive. It’s as if you enter another world. An assistant is there to welcome you at the entrance and answer any of your questions. Past this stage, the boutique becomes some sort of museum with the displays of the various coffee machines. Walk a bit further, a staircase presents itself.

But before, look to the left and about 10 coffee scents are presented for your nose to be surprised each time. A bit further is the actual Cafe where you can taste all the wonderfully different and intriguing coffee flavours Nespresso has to offer. Shame George Clooney wasn’t around to help you choose one. We’re off downstairs now and the whole experience still continues. Some more displays of coffee, coffee machines and Nespresso’s own chocolates. To the left the colorful walls of coffee capsules attract your eyes to where you finally buy the goods.

Nespresso’s packaging is simple and neat, you don’t want the packaging to shout, you want the actual product to work on your senses. What an experience. I didn’t want to leave. And the worst is… I hate coffee. See what branding does to you.

Next stop, Louis Vuitton Boutique. After 21 years of living in Paris, I had never set a foot in this luxurious boutique. The window displays always caught my eye, but the queue is always never ending. I didn’t particularly want to argue with the wave of Chinese tourists ready to wreck their credit cards inside. I finally enter and (again) felt myself enter another world, the world of LV. I just wished very hard my cash was limitless. And was quickly brought back to reality after looking at some prices. At first the boutique appears to be of a small surface, however stairs and escalators hidden at the back and far right unveil three more floors, each floor dedicated to either men or women, whereas the entrance floor is full of bags and bits such as wallets, belts, sunglasses, books even. The epitome of the shop was the top floor to the centre. It collects the bigger LV bags and the original traveling luggage boxes. One was displayed in the centre open for LV consumers to understand the function of the luggage box.

The final touch making the whole LV experience magical for me was the half dome window as you look up to the heavens complemented by a mirror projecting the light outside.

Both places have thoroughly inspired me. My project is to design the best luxury consumer experience for luxury brands. Watch this space.

Less is more.

I found this article/manisfesto the other day on and completely agreed with everything that was said. Will this be the future of fashion? I personally believe that less is more.

The new luxury : The curated wardrobe.—curated-wardrobe-6616.html

Emmanuelle Alt présente la Vogue Fashion Night... par VOGUEPARIS

See you there.

Anne Hathaway for Tod’s.

Beautiful new advertisement for Tod’s.
What makes this so striking in my opinion is it’s colour saturation making Anne Hathway’s skin come across as pale. The actress appears to be a femme fatale, a status that could be shared by wearing a Tod’s bag.

Mark & Josephine.

Mark Ronson and Josephine de la Baume are my Wills and Kate.
A producer and a model, a beautiful couple. Recently married this summer in France. 

Lanvin Fall 2011 ft. Alber Elbaz. Genius.
Lanvin just became eternally young.

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